”We have a  t w i s t e d  love.  
A love that is part hate and part admiration and part fear.  
                                                                      But love all the same.”

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Uh oh

{ It’s one thing to read and write about eating someone … it’s another entirely to actually hear it. *gag* }

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{ …. I think I’m gonna be sick…}

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{*runs from ghost child* FUCK. FUCK THIS SHIT!}

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Ỷ ℴ ῡ  ẘ ῑ ᶫ ℓ  ᶳ ᶸ ɾ ǝ ℒ ч  Ď Ì Ě  ℌ ℯ ᵣ ᵋ 。

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{It’s so goddamn hot in my room, I’m overheating and sweating. And it’s 11:00 at night.}

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{*squeals in triumph* I’ve got a working laptop! Albiet, it’s the one my sister sat on when she used it, so it’s connected to a moniter, but it’s better than nothing. And I set it up myself. }

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{Bwaaaa! Figuring out what to do can get confusing!}

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{Okay, this is creepier than I thought it would be. I just got a Bad End and I feel like I’m gonna cry…}

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{*squeals* I have Corpse Party!!!}

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// I’m sooo sorry.. Give Amy a hug from Mun! I’m going to have diner now, I’ll reply after diner <3


{She’s not taking it well. She’s curled up in the corner, not moving. Nice job breaking her, jerk.}


{Gah, now i’ve been reminded of how hungry I am. I’m heading off for the rest of the day anyways, so might as well get something to eat.}

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[text: Amelia]; I’m so.. so sorry

[text: Amelia]; I’m at my dad’s

[text: Amelia]; If you need anyone… Jeff’s home.

[text: Amelia]; I checked.

[text: Rory]; …. Why? …. Why? …. Why?

[text: Rory]; Fine … fine, whatever.

[text: Rory]; Do whatever the hell you want

[text: Rory]; See if I care.

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roryarthurwilliams said:
[text: Amelia]; I'm leaving. I can't stay with you anymore. If you keep hurting me I can't stay.

[text: Rory]; I ….. Rory…

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Pond Challenge ➣ round two
one color

I say the world could be burning ‘till there’s nothing but

d a r k  b l u e 

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